Understanding Your Invoice

  1. What? When? How often?
  2. Read your invoice
  3. Current trust account balance
  4. Amount needed to replenish trust
  5. Total balance due
  6. Feel free to call us
  7. Consider our automatic credit card option

#1 What? When? How often?

We bill twice monthly, for work done the preceding two weeks. Be sure to keep up with your payments; legal fees can accumulate quickly. Charges from before the current invoice period may appear on your bill, especially those from a third party (ABC Legal Messengers, etc). We can only invoice as the charges reach us.

#2 Read your invoice

Read the descriptions carefully. This is the work your attorney does on your behalf. Your invoice is one of your tools for staying informed about your case. You should go over your invoice carefully as soon as it arrives. Call your attorney immediately if you have questions or want clarifications. A key appears at the bottom of your invoice for help in deciphering frequently-used abbreviations.

#3 Current trust account balance

The “Current Trust Account Balance” shows the amount of money held in trust in your name. Invoices will be paid first from this trust when funds are available. When you sign your fee agreement, you agree to keep your trust at a pre-arranged amount, the “replenishment” amount. Please be sure you are aware of the required amount and replenish your trust account as needed.

#4 Amount needed to replenish trust

“Amount Needed to Replenish Trust” shows the amount necessary to return your trust account to the contracted amount in the fee agreement you signed. Be sure to keep your trust account current.

#5 Total balance due

“Total Balance Due” shows your outstanding balance, after payments from trust or other sources. This amount does NOT include the amount needed to replenish your trust account back to the required level. If you have an outstanding balance showing, it is because your trust account has been depleted, and you should factor both amounts when sending in your payment.

#6 Feel free to call us

Feel free to call with questions or comments regarding your billing. Our bookkeeping staff knows that legal fees and invoices can be complex, and are happy to assist you with your questions. It’s better for all involved if you understand your bills and charges and the explanations of what your attorney is doing on your behalf!

#7 Consider our automatic credit card option

Consider using the automatic credit card payment option. We will charge your credit card for the invoice amount and, in return, reduce your attorney’s fees by 5%. Also, we will reduce your required trust account deposit by half. Contact the offices if this option interests you.

We make no promises or representations about the accuracy of this information, or how it applies to your particular case. These articles are designed to give you ideas to consider and discuss with an attorney, but are no substitute for legal advice, and must not be used as such.