Choosing a Lawyer

When a legal matter arises, deciding which lawyer is best for you is often difficult and confusing. To get a better sense of this process, we suggest that you consider the following.

Expertise in areas you need

While the Washington State Bar Association does not recognize specialties in legal practice, most attorneys limit their work to a few areas of law. Make sure that the attorney you choose has the expertise to deal with cases of your type. Not only will you receive more skilled service, you won’t pay for the time it will take the attorney to learn a new area of work.

At Beacon Attorneys, we focus on family law, real estate, civil litigation (including personal injury and business disputes) and immigration, giving our clients the benefit of our in-depth experience in these select fields.

Fees set out clearly in writing

While attorneys are not required to provide written fee agreements, you should be careful about choosing a firm that does not define its fees in a clear written agreement. The fee agreement should show the rates you will be charged for different kinds of work by different members of staff. It should be understandable, and it should tell you what you are entitled to expect from your attorney at each stage of your case.

At Beacon Attorneys, we are pleased to offer our clients detailed written fee agreements. These agreements tell you what you can expect from us and what we will need from you, and include a section on how to limit legal costs. We encourage our clients to read and discuss the agreements before signing. Our goal is always the same: satisfied clients who know they have been charged fairly and reasonably for our work.

Full-service Litigation Firm

Many kinds of tasks go into the preparation of a litigation case. In addition to legal research, writing and court appearances by attorneys, there are countless phone calls to be made and received and many documents to be processed and delivered by support staff. Make sure that the law firm you choose has quality support staff. Without them, even the best attorney cannot offer a full service to litigation clients.

Beacon Attorneys is proud of our highly skilled support staff. Their professionalism and dedication ensures that your case receives the attention it deserves on every level.

Teamwork approach

Attorneys practice in firms of all sizes, from hundreds of associates to solo practitioners. Choose a firm that seems right for your long-term needs. Be aware of the risk of getting “lost in the shuffle” of a giant mega-firm as well as the possibility that even the finest solo practitioner can get bogged down in a lengthy trial on another client’s case.

There is no I in team (but there are three I’s in litigation). At Beacon Attorneys, our attorneys and staff work closely together. We cover for each other efficiently during absences from the office, and during the hectic times before and after court appearances. We are convinced that this teamwork approach provides our clients with the very best we have to offer.

Comfortable Atmosphere

You need to feel comfortable with the attorney you choose. He or she will be advising you on matters affecting your family, your finances and other personal issues.

At Beacon Attorneys, our office provides a relaxed and friendly environment where clients don’t feel intimidated by many of the usual law firm formalities. Our attorneys and support staff are approachable as well as professional. In the end, lawyers don’t have to take themselves seriously in order to take their work seriously. We believe that creating a comfortable environment helps us work better with our clients, and leads to better results.

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